15. May 2021

Leave Her – Living Room Concert

All good things come in threes! Take a look at YouTube - because there you can see our living room version of Leave Her starting today.
9. May 2021

Drunken Lullabies – Living Room Concert

Today we proudly present you our living room version of Drunken Lullabies! Have fun watching and listening.
1. May 2021

Farewell and Adieu – Living Room Concert

Et voilà! Farewell and Adieu can now be found on YouTube. We hope you enjoy watching it!
17. March 2021

Happy Paddy’s Day

Today's theme is not gloom, but Guiness! To celebrate we're streaming an Irish classic live from the living room for you today.
14. March 2021

Streamingconcert 2

As promised we repeat our streaming concert today as a small reparation for yesterday evening. We start already at 7pm.
21. February 2021

Rascal’s History 2011-2014

The first part of our mini-series "Rascal's History" is available on YouTube! Come with us on a journey into the past.
10. January 2021

Farewell Ivie

Dear people, unfortunately we have to inform you that our singer and violinist Ivie has left the band.
18. December 2020

Videorelease “Hello”

Finally! Our musicvideo for the song "Hello" from our album "Just That Time" is online! You can now watch it on YouTube.
1. September 2020

Announcement Rhine Side 2

Do you remember the gig in the Rhine Side in Krefeld that we had to cancel? Well! We're glad to announce that we will be able to catch up on this next sunday, the 6.9.2020.
14. August 2020

Cancellation Rhine Side

Hey Folks, unfortunately we have to cancel our gig on sunday at the Rhine Side in Krefeld due to illness.
29. July 2020

Announcement Rhine Side

Hey Folks! It's been a long time, but finally: we will play a live-show on August the 16th in the Biergarten of the Rhine Side Krefeld!
1. June 2020

Online-Concert III

On saturday we will release a new online concert. The highlight: these songs are not taken from our usual programme. That's all there is to say for now!
22. April 2020

Online-Concert II

With the last online-concert receiving so much amazing feedback, we couldn't help but create a second session for you. The premiere will be this saturday at 8 p.m.
11. April 2020


We prepared a little online-concert for you that will go live this evening. Enjoy it! We send you all the best wishes from our living rooms.
19. March 2020

CANCELLED – gigs in spring

Regarding the current situation we want to alert you that our gigs in spring are cancelled. We will try to find alternative dates.
9. March 2020

New gigs in spring

Soon we'll be on the road again. We can't wait for spring to come and are looking forward to some great concerts with you!
15. January 2020

ZOO AID – Benefit for the Zoo Krefeld

As a band from Krefeld it is important to us to draw your attention to the benefit festival "ZOO AID art gerecht" on January 25th and 26th.
5. January 2020

Livevideo “Looking Forward”

Today we have something very special for you! Enjoy watching us playing "Looking Forward" at The Whistle in Kempen back in 2017!
22. December 2019

Livevideo “Dancers”

We want to provide you with a little present in advance for christmas! Have fun watching and listening to "Dancers" performed back in 2017!
20. November 2019

Christmas markets 2019

Finally, it's this time of the year again! In old tradition we're going to visit the christmas markets to play some accoustic sessions for you.