12. June 2022

New Bandphotos

A lot has happened since our last album Just That Time. We have polished up our repertoire - new photos were long overdue!
4. June 2022

Sessionsong “Shallow”

" I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in I'll never meet the ground " These lyrics belong to a beautiful ballad that we recorded as a session song.
28. May 2022

Thank you Rhine Side

What a great start from the winter break! Thank you for our first concert this year on the sandy beach of the Rhine Side.
7. May 2022

Announcement Rhine Side

Our first concert in 2022 is coming up - and we don't even have to wait three weeks! We'll be heading to the beautiful Rhine Side once again.
31. December 2021

Happy New Year 2022

Hey Folks, the year 2021 is drawing to a close and we would like to look back once again with satisfaction.
12. December 2021

Announcement Christmas Concert

Hey Folks, we have prepared a little Christmas surprise for you: We're reviving one of our traditions!
14. November 2021

Session-Song “Koks & Nutten”

A young musician becomes famous with his band, takes off ... and then falls all the deeper. Is there a happy ending for him?
3. November 2021

Session-Song “Country Roads”

Travel and wanderlust are often themes in our songs. "Country Roads" shows us the longing in the other direction.
26. October 2021

Session-Song “Donegal Danny”

From one of our session rounds now comes the next video from us. This time we have interpreted the traditional "Donegal Danny".
3. October 2021

Rascals History 2015-2016

Part two of the mini-series "Rascals History" tells you about our band years from 2015 to 2016 ... and is now on YouTube!
14. September 2021

Thank you, Rhine Side

What is the best way to defy the rain? Exactly, with music and good mood! Thanks to the Rhine Side and to all who were there on Saturday!
5. September 2021

Duo-Session “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”

Our folky duo version of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" invites you to swing along. You can find the video of the session now on YouTube.
21. August 2021

Duo-Session “Be More Kind”

For today's video Susi and Flo have sat down in a very small acoustic session and covered this wonderful piece of Frank Turner.
8. August 2021

Thank you, Rhine Side!

Despite bad weather forecast it was once again a super chill evening in the Rhine Side in Krefeld. Many thanks to the entire team!
7. August 2021

Thank you, Stadtgarten!

Thanks to The Promise and to the KRefelder-Musikszene, and to everyone who was with us yesterday at Stadtgarten Krefeld.
5. August 2021

Radio appearance “rockradio.de”

On Tuesday evening we were on RockRadio with our new song "Down To The Bay" and together with many other bands.
31. July 2021

Single-Release “Summer Dance Night”

Turn up the sound and dance with us through the summer night - here's our music video for "Summer Dance Night".
16. July 2021

Single-Release “In The Sun”

Click on quickly to YouTube, because there you can find the music video for the summer single "In The Sun"!
16. July 2021


The summer is already there. And with it, we have for you the full load of our SUMMERTIME TONES. Off the warm socks, on the sunglasses!
3. July 2021

Single-Release “Oceanside”

The first single "Oceanside" from our SUMMERTIME TONES is now available on YouTube! Do you recognize the song despite its summer garb?