22. September 2022

Little Darling LIVE at Haaner Sommer 2022

We prepared a little surprise for you to stop the slowly approaching autumn blues: A live video of LITTLE DARLING!
3. October 2021

Rascals History 2015-2016

Part two of the mini-series "Rascals History" tells you about our band years from 2015 to 2016 ... and is now on YouTube!
31. July 2021

Single-Release “Summer Dance Night”

Turn up the sound and dance with us through the summer night - here's our music video for "Summer Dance Night".
16. July 2021

Single-Release “In The Sun”

Click on quickly to YouTube, because there you can find the music video for the summer single "In The Sun"!
16. July 2021


The summer is already there. And with it, we have for you the full load of our SUMMERTIME TONES. Off the warm socks, on the sunglasses!
14. July 2021

Single-Release “Down To The Bay”

The first single "Oceanside" from our SUMMERTIME TONES is now available on YouTube! Do you recognize the song despite its summer garb?
3. July 2021

Single-Release “Oceanside”

The first single "Oceanside" from our SUMMERTIME TONES is now available on YouTube! Do you recognize the song despite its summer garb?
3. July 2021


There is more news about the SUMMERTIME TONES: You have to wait just less than two weeks for the full EP!
29. June 2021


After our little Reggae excursion in April we can announce a whole Summersongs EP today!
18. December 2020

Videorelease “Hello”

Finally! Our musicvideo for the song "Hello" from our album "Just That Time" is online! You can now watch it on YouTube.
27. September 2019

Announcement “Black Swan”

Our journey leads us to Neuss again! On 26th of october we present an acousticset in "Black Swan" during the "Neusser Lokalrunde".
26. September 2019

Announcement “Café Livres”

Hey Folks! On wednesday we'll play a relaxed set in the "Café Livres" in Essen. We hope to see you all there!
12. September 2019

New Merch!

Such a variety to choose from! Consistent with our new album we proudly present the new merch.
9. September 2019

Vinyl Records

For the first time in band history our music will be released on vinyl! And Flo says the test pressing sounds amazing.
30. August 2019

Release-Day “Just That Time”

Hey folks! After a very long period of time, finally the day has come - our album "Just That Time" is finally being released!
29. August 2019

Reminder “Haus Arndt Release Show”

Saturday evening the waiting ends! Our release gig for our album "Just That Time" takes place!
24. August 2019

Only one week left!!

Ladies and gentlemen, we now need your full attention! Only one week until we release our second album "Just That Time".
23. August 2019

Singlerelease “Romance in Belfast”

Today, we proudly present to you our new Single "Romance in Belfast"! And there is a video on top of it!
20. August 2019

The CDs arrived

Our CDs arrived! The first physical outcome of our work is definitely presentable!
19. August 2019

Teaser “Romance in Belfast”

The second single from our upcoming album "Just that Time" will be delivered with at nice, new musicvideo. We're excited to announce "Romance in Belfast"!