9. September 2019

Vinyl Records

For the first time in band history our music will be released on vinyl! And Flo says the test pressing sounds amazing.
30. August 2019

Release-Day “Just That Time”

Hey folks! After a very long period of time, finally the day has come - our album "Just That Time" is finally being released!
29. August 2019

Reminder “Haus Arndt Release Show”

Saturday evening the waiting ends! Our release gig for our album "Just That Time" takes place!
24. August 2019

Only one week left!!

Ladies and gentlemen, we now need your full attention! Only one week until we release our second album "Just That Time".
23. August 2019

Singlerelease “Romance in Belfast”

Today, we proudly present to you our new Single "Romance in Belfast"! And there is a video on top of it!
20. August 2019

The CDs arrived

Our CDs arrived! The first physical outcome of our work is definitely presentable!
19. August 2019

Teaser “Romance in Belfast”

The second single from our upcoming album "Just that Time" will be delivered with at nice, new musicvideo. We're excited to announce "Romance in Belfast"!
9. August 2019

Studiojournal 7 – “Mastering”

Here comes the final part of the "Just That Time" production documentary. Today we grant you exclusive insights into the mastering process.
2. August 2019

Singlerelease “Walk with me”

Today is the day! Our first single of the upcoming album "Just that Time" is here - have fun watching and listening to "Walk with me"!
28. July 2019

Teaser “Walk with me”

New audio - new video! Today we have some eye candy for you; the first teaser of our next music video "Walk with me".
24. July 2019

Announcement releasedate “Just that Time”

After heaps of creative work and studio time, we are very happy to finally be able to share the release date of our upcoming album with you!
16. July 2019

Studiojournal 6 – Vocals

Here are some insights to our Vocal recordings for our new album "Just that Time". As you can see everybody's having fun!
12. July 2019

The album’s cover is ready!

Today we happily present you our new album cover to give you a feeling about where our journey is heading!
15. June 2019

Studiojournal 5 – Piano

Today we present you some news from our studio - from our Dodo on the piano!
29. May 2019

Studiojournal 4 – Acoustics

Hey Folks, it's been a long time without an update and that for a reason: we were very busy! This time we were recording acoustic instruments. So have fun watching this video!
6. March 2019

Studiojournal 3 – E-Guitars

After the drums and bass guitars it was time for electric guitars. Therefore we used a special technique in the studio. But have a look yourself on what we did in the third part of our studiojournal. We are pretty excited about "Just That Time"
4. January 2019

Studiojournal 2 – Drum and bass

This is the second part of our studiojournal! First days in the studio are over and we have been very busy. Drums and bass guitar for all the 13 songs have been recorded and we are excited about the future and the whole production. "Just That Time" will be great.