29. May 2019

Studiojournal 4 – Acoustics

Hey Folks, it's been a long time without an update and that for a reason: we were very busy! This time we were recording acoustic instruments. So have fun watching this video!
6. March 2019

Studiojournal 3 – E-Guitars

After the drums and bass guitars it was time for electric guitars. Therefore we used a special technique in the studio. But have a look yourself on what we did in the third part of our studiojournal. We are pretty excited about "Just That Time"
4. January 2019

Studiojournal 2 – Drum and bass

This is the second part of our studiojournal! First days in the studio are over and we have been very busy. Drums and bass guitar for all the 13 songs have been recorded and we are excited about the future and the whole production. "Just That Time" will be great.